• Quick-fitting guaranteed by special anatomical design and fastening system
  • Multilayer short-stretch secondary dressing for quick-fit bandaging
  • Multilayer bandaging for complex wounds (COMPLEX WOUNDS are those that heal by secondary intent)
  • Secondary dressing - Multilayer bandaging - Primary dressing retention.
  • For direct application to wound (self-adhering) or primary dressing retention
  • Qband is a patented product (patent No. TO2011A000499) with exclusive licenses to use ®MON&TEX spa "

The tissue repair process can be broken down into three phases: the inflammatory phase (haemorrhage, platelet activation – within max. 3 days), the proliferation/reconstruction phase (connective, endothelial, epithelial – max. 6 days), the maturation or remodelling phase (increased tissue resistance – max. 12 months).

The term complex (or chronic) wound is generally used to describe an injury (wound) that does not heal and fails to progress though the normal stages of healing.