Qband Benefits And Applications


It offers the user savings in both dressing fitting and management time and material (see burns patients), his or her work being facilitated by an anatomical, quick-fit product.

It leads to a reduction in healing times since that sores heal more quickly in a humid environment that promotes activation of the organism’s own lytic and repair processes and Qband reproduces and maintains the skin’s moisture (thanks to the above-mentioned characteristics), whilst being waterproof and impervious to bacteria protection of the patient’s injured areas in even the most serious cases. The benefits of elastic compression can be added to these features (where requested).

The quick fitting, protection against foreign bodies and self-adherence (non-traumatic) offered by the material also results in fewer infections and shorter healing times.


  • Use of QBAND in BURNS treatment
  • Use of QBAND in the treatment of the venous and lymphatic system of the limbs (venous, arterial or lymphatic ulcers or lymphatic obstruction)
  • Use of QBAND in SURGERY (thoracic-abdominal, maxillofacial, cardiovascular, orthopaedic, neurological)
  • Use of QBAND for bedridden patient care
  • Use of QBAND in pressure sore prevention treatment, diabetic limb treatment